LEAP Spotlight: Amanda Sayn

Professional Profile

  • Name: Amanda Sayn
  • Profession: Senior Accountant and a CPA at
  • Employer: Shindel Rock and Associates
  • Years of Experience: 8 years.  I started as a finance intern in 2011, transitioned to a bookkeeper in 2012 and then into public accounting in 2014.
  • AFWA Chapter: Member-at-Large from Novi, Michigan
  • Why did you join AFWA?  I joined AFWA to get more involved within the accounting profession.


How did you decide to go into accounting/finance? I went to a very small high school in Michigan.  We didn’t have AP classes and my high school counselor suggested I participate in dual enrollment at the local community college.  She recommended accounting because I enjoyed math.  I took the accounting 1 and 2 classes during my senior year.  I really enjoyed the classes and continued studying accounting in college.

What are your favorite topics/concentrations in accounting/finance? My favorite concentration in accounting is forensic accounting.  I enjoy forensic accounting because it’s never the same thing twice.  I get to interpret, analyze and summarize financial information, work with attorneys and clients to solve problems.

What is the best part about working for your Company? The best part of working for ShindelRock is the culture they have created within the firm.  The partners at the firm are always encouraging the staff to invest in themselves, pushing us to go beyond just the CPA designation.

What app/tool/podcast are you using or enjoy that you highly recommend? I consistently use Microsoft OneNote to keep track of my task list, client notes, and request lists.  I feel that this program is very easy to use and allows you to share notes with team members.  I’m also currently listening to a few interesting podcasts.  One aspect of accounting that I enjoy most is forensic accounting.  Nothing but the Truth is a podcast that is hosted by Dr. Kelly Pope who is a professor and documentarian focusing on forensic accounting.  Go Beyond Disruption is put on by the AICPA and they provide insights on leveraging disruption today to prepare for tomorrow. I also listen to the Future of Accounting which are interviews regarding the profession and how things will be changing in the future.

What do you like to do in your free time? When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outside. Every year, I typically participate in multiple runs including a half marathon.  In addition to running, I enjoy camping, hiking and boating with my husband and my dogs.  We are currently working on getting our dog certified as a therapy dog.  We also enjoy traveling and have plans to visit Europe within the next few years.

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