LEAP Spotlight: Edronda Guiriba

Professional Profile

  • Name: Edronda Guiriba, CPA
  • Profession: Public Accounting
  • Employer: Boman Accounting Group, Inc.
  • Years of Experience: 8 years
  • AFWA Chapter: Silicon Valley
  • Why did you join AFWA: My boss was a past president of my chapter and encouraged me to join the board as the newsletter chair. I was also a past scholarship recipient of my chapter.


How did you decide to go into accounting/finance? In college I took a part-time job as an administrative assistant at a small accounting firm, so was first exposed to “tax season” that way. I would take on mini accounting projects such as entering Schedule D gain and loss details for 1040 projects. An accountant suggested I try taking accounting courses. I was a chemistry major, but I did not really know what I wanted to do with it. After taking an intro accounting course I decided that I wanted to pursue accounting.

What is the best part about working for your Company? The best part about working for Boman Accounting Group is the exposure to different types of work. I work for a small accounting firm in Campbell, California and I get my hands in everything. From individual tax, business tax, nonprofit auditing, meeting with clients. I’ve even been able to meet with and give my boss input on software and management decisions. It’s empowering to be trusted and involved with these decisions.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Best advice I have ever received was when I was studying for my CPA exams. I had expressed my frustration to another CPA I had met at a seminar and he told me, “Just don’t give up.” There were many times while studying that I was frustrated and burnt out. I could have easily given up. In the end I am so glad I didn’t. Obtaining my CPA license has been one of my best achievements!

How do you push through your worst times? When I am trying to push through my worst times I usually reach out to my fiance, my closest friends and family for support. I find that it is easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and getting other people’s perspectives can be a good reality check.Even when you don’t want to hear it!

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to spend my free time with close family and friends. All of my close family and friends know I am MIA (missing in action) during tax season, so I like to catch up and make up for lost time when work isn’t so busy. Thankfully my firm is closed on Fridays during the summer months, so I get a summer break to reconnect and recharge.

What is a surprising fact about you? I own 3 turtles, 2 kittens, 2 chickens and 1 fish. People who visit my house always joke that I have a farm (a farm by urban home in San Jose, California standards).

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