Back to Basics: Connect.

By AFWA National President, Lori Kelley, CPA

As mentioned last month, I want to get back to basics.  I want to emphasize our tagline of Connect, Advance, Lead.  Let’s dig deeper into Connecting:

Being connected has become essential to us in every aspect of our lives.  It doesn’t seem to matter what question you are contemplating; whether you need a new doctor, if you need to purchase a new computer or you have a question on how to institute a new tax mandate, you should be connected to a group that can help you find the answer.  It is an objective, of AFWA, that our members connect to each other and our strategic partners, and use these connections to flourish in their chosen career and in life.  There are so many benefits to making and maintaining a network of connections:

  • Providing prospects – this could be any type of prospects, from client generation, to fund-raising or new job opportunities.
  • Advice – just like in the examples above, it is nice to have a source to help us with our questions and to provide us guidance on technical or practical issues.
  • Mentoring – there is always something to learn from all of our connections, whether they are higher/lower than us on the corporate ladder or in a different occupation completely. The key is in being involved and engaged with our connections.
  • Comradery – the spirit of friendship and community in a group. I cannot emphasize this benefit enough for our physical and mental health!

Making connections with women in our field is how we support our peers and form relationships with similar professionals to share and forward common goals, increase goodwill and create enthusiasm.

Our biggest and best opportunity for connecting in our organization is coming up!  AFWA’s Women Who Count National Conference is scheduled for the end of October.  This year, we’ve changed up the schedule to better facilitate AFWA meetings and training, as well as to enjoy the beautiful Washington DC area.  A whole day will be devoted to all things AFWA, kicking off with our Annual Business Meeting and continuing with hands-on training for our chapter leaders, aspiring chapter leaders and members.   It will be an opportunity to connect, learn and grow as members and chapters – you will not want to miss it!  Also, remember that at our Annual Business Meeting, all members who attend will vote on who will serve on our nominating committee.  Due to the changes in our By-Laws earlier this year, every member who attends the meeting will have a voice on the business of the organization. Please note that there are only a few more days left of early bird registration, which offers discounts on both the conference and your room rate – so book and register by August 16 to enjoy these savings!

On a final note this month, it is my goal that the Board of Directors significantly connects with our members and chapters this year.  We are looking for opportunities to meet you where you are.  Consider sending us an invitation to your next chapter event or a monthly meeting.  We want to connect!

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